Experience The Amazing Benefits Of Our Revolutionary Products In One Simple Bundle!

You’ll Receive:
5 Day Deep Detox Box
30 Sticks Of Smart Coffee**
30 Sticks Of Defend
15 Sticks Of Slim Tea Original

**Your coffee will temporarily be replaced with our Smart Cocoa while we work on a great new formula of our coffee

*5-Day Deep Detox Included In 1st Shipment And Every 90 Days.

Curb Appetite*

Increase Energy*

Improve Mental Clarity*

Gut Health*



Cleanse & Detox*


We believe in giving your way to prosperity. Our mission is for Revital U to be known as the most giving company on the planet. We drive towards this vision by working tirelessly to improve lives through our generosity, products and business. Join us in becoming a force for positive change today!

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