Our goal is to substantially transform the lives of women by helping them become self-reliant.

Deeply touched, by the strength and resolve of innumerable women in Revital U who have transformed their own life situations and inspired others, our owner and CEO’s wife – Amy McWilliams became the spearhead for this initiative – for empowering women and multiplying our reach by partnering with and supporting the efforts of other like-minded organizations.

Inspired by our own Brand Influencer stories, U Empower proactively extends our mission to those who might not have the voice or method to reach us.

Amy McWilliams

Causes we support:

Transforming Lives

Force for Positive Social Change

We want to become the largest force for positive social change in the world, and alter the heart wrenching statistics that we are faced with today.

Helping Women Become Self-Reliant

Women’s empowerment is a cause that is close to our heart and aligns perfectly with who we are as a company. We support women in becoming self-reliant as they overcome hardships in their lives, with a way to achieve financial independence and get social support that builds them up.

1 in 3 women are affected by domestic and partner violence. Let’s change that, together.

Share a Success Story

Submit a story, anonymously, to help us find out how Revital U helped empower our communities.


We believe in giving your way to prosperity. Our mission is for Revital U to be known as the most giving company on the planet. We drive towards this vision by working tirelessly to improve lives through our generosity, products and business. Join us in becoming a force for positive change today!

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