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Get access to 5 Digital Samples that you can send out and attract prospects to your business through your mobile App or Sample platform.

Establish your independent business and start selling the great selection of products that can help you and your customers become the bext version of themselves.

Have a Personalized SMS Number, Full access to all the back office Business Tools and Features, Your own personalized website, Customer Club Access and 1 Customer Point.

Get access to our full Comp Plan, which lays out how you will earn your weekly and monthly commission, and the steps necessary to move up the ranks.

Get help from a team of trained Executives ready to assist you with your customer and business questions. Plus, you’ll have access to automated mobile coach chat bot.


Give your network a taste.

Send free product samples to friends, family, and people in your network through the easy to use revital U app.

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Share your story, connect, and sort.

Tell your customers your story and how your life has changed since you started your Sample First Business. Focus on the people that are genuinely interested in becoming a customer or joining your team.

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Build a customer base for an
opportunity to earn.

You have the potential to get paid on your team’s production. Better yet, when your customers become a Brand Influencer, you’ll get a chance to grow your leveraged income.





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With Revital U, your entire business can be operated through your smart phone. That means you can work when you want to work! You've finally found a business that can fit around your schedule.

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More than just revitalizing products, revital U offers a life-changing opportunity to earn an additional stream of income.

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Lisa J.

"I knew on the second day of my samples that I was buying it. I was not even a coffee drinker, but the energy, focus and appetite supressant are amazing."

on Smart Coffee

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