Becoming An Influencer


Why Become A revital U Brand Influencer:

revital U does more than just encourage people to start the day off right. With a daily cup of our coffee, we know you’re feeling and looking better. Along with these benefits, we also want you live a better overall life.

If you love what the our product has done for you and want to help others, this is a great way! Join us on our journey of changing lives, by becoming a Brand Influencer.

Everyone is welcome – including non-coffee drinkers. Be in charge of your own business, by sharing a product you believe in.

Annual Fee & Benefits:

For only an annual fee of $49.99 in the United States or £49.99 in the United Kingdom, you'll receive everything you need to start selling our Coffee to your family, friends and yes, even that stranger in the grocery store.

Note: There is no product included.

This annual fee includes the following:

Your own personalized website for customers to purchase products and a Sample Platform, to send samples (8 digital credits).
You can keep your business organized with the help of your back office – U Office Lite, where you can also purchase product by the bulk at discounted prices.
Access to our Compensation Plan, which lays out how you'll earn your commission and the steps necessary to move up the ranks.
If you ever have a question or need more help, you'll have a team of trained Executives ready to assist you.

  Product Packs:

Create a thriving business with one of our four Product Packs. Although helpful, our packs are optional.

Our Personal Pack is perfect for individuals who want to take it slow and steady. For $169.99, you'll receive:

10 three-day samples
(5 personal deliveries + 5 digital deliveries)
1 month of U Office Pro Free
2 Coffee Tubs
1 Coffee Mug

If you're feeling more ambitious, the Advanced Pack is the way to go! For $349.99, you'll get:

20 three-day samples
(10 personal deliveries + 10 digital deliveries)
2 months of U Office Pro Free
5 Coffee Tubs
1 Coffee Mug

If you're more of an "all-or-nothing" kind of person, you're going to want to invest in the Professional Pack with Coffee tubs. For $599.99, you'll be given:

30 three-day samples
(15 personal deliveries + 15 digital deliveries)
3 months of U Office Pro Free
12 Coffee Tubs
1 Coffee Mug

You also have the option to invest in the Professional Pack with Coffee Stick boxes. For $599.99, you'll be given:

30 three-day samples
(15 personal deliveries + 15 digital deliveries)
3 months of U Office Pro Free
10 boxes of Coffee Sticks (30 per box)
1 Coffee Mug

What is the difference between personal deliveries vs. digital deliveries?

An Influencer has two ways of delivering samples: 1) personal deliveries and 2) digital deliveries.

For personal deliveries, the samples kits and brochures are sent to the Influencer, so they can personally give them out to people.

For digital deliveries, an Influencer goes to their sample website and chooses who will receive samples via mail. Our fulfillment center handles these orders.


U Office Pro Note:

Please know that after your X month(s) of free U Office Pro, you will be charged $19.99 monthly for the service. This is an upgrade from our U Life back office, which includes tools to see your team's details, progress and commission information.

Sample + Story + Sort = Success

Our formula for success is Sample + Story + Sort. Sampling is an important part of having a successful business. When you give someone a sample, you're giving them a taste of what our Coffee can do for them. It's not a commitment but the start of an amazing self-journey

Don't be afraid to tell people the impact our Coffee has had on your life. "Tell your personal story – be it at the ball game or on Facebook," says Holli Gladen, a fellow Influencer. Whether you've lost weight or have newfound energy, share it with the world!

Lastly, let it all sort itself out. Like our President Pat Johnston says, "It's a process of the right people, at the right time." After handing those samples out and telling your story, watch the people who believe in the product return for more.

Additional Costs:

U Office Pro:

If you'd like a more in-depth back office, without buying a Product Pack, you can upgrade to U Office Pro for a monthly fee of $19.99 in the U.S. or £14.99 in the U.K.

This is an upgrade from our U Office Lite back office. U Office Pro includes marketing, management and training tools.


Information To Know Before Joining:

We're glad to hear you want to join our revital U family! To become a Brand Influencer (Bi), you must first have a Sponsor.

If you do not have a sponsor, please contact and let us know your area of residence. We will then locate the closest leader and put you in contact with them.